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Wicky-Up-Monica and Jack in Garden Fall Three Rivers, CA Lodging, Wicky-Up Ranch

Wicky-Up: The innkeepers & the History

Monica along with Jack has enjoyed being a Hostess for many years providing stellar service for the Inn. Her warm personality and gracious worldly demeanor , along with her keen knowledge of the history of the inn and surrounding areas of Woodlake, near Three Rivers, CA have allowed guests from all over the nation and world to have a memorable experience to remember for years. She and Jack also provide the most delightful breakfast experience to behold and cater to each person’s and family’s unique personalities.

Monica’s vivacious personality and curiosity of the world has led to many diverse interests in the adventure of learning. After graduating from University of California, Berkeley, Monica’s careers have included elementary school teaching, flight attending for American Airlines, law office administration, British tour booking, presiding over the Woodlake Chamber of Commerce, motherhood, and most recently, managing three small businesses.

Wicky-Up-Monica-Inkeeper-Portrait Three Rivers, CA Lodging, Wicky-Up Ranch

Monica-Jack-Old-Photo Wicky-Up Ranch, Sequoia National Park LodgingJack has had many creative outlets through the years—making “copper characters” out of plumbing parts, woodworking ,  fixing up old properties to rent and farming (including organic farming).   Now his passions are easel painting, drumming  and trumpet playing.   He has a background in electrical/mechanical engineering which, until recent years, he applied to his heating/cooling/refrigeration business.

Opening Day January 1997

Wicky Up Ranch Historical Photos: Circa 1902