he gardens at Wicky-Up would be considered a marvel to those who settled here originally. From a dry desert at the turn-of-the-century, Wicky-Up is a luscious green landscape today.

You will now see a sizeable garden of roses; lovers of roses will enjoy the many scented rose varieties. There are also several other gardens, each with its own personality. These gardens feature countless varieties of perennials and annuals. The gardens are among the trees and provide a color contrast to the green canopy above.

This change was an astonishing evolution directed by Monica’s mother, Justine Robinson. Mrs. Robinson spent many years researching, designing and experimenting to produce the gardens.

Bravo Lake Botanical Gardens


The gardens have grown from the vision of one man, Manuel Jimenez of Woodlake.   Manuel is a university graduate who has transposed his love of gardening into a gift to the city of Woodlake and its visitors.

The gardens have three distinct areas:

Agricultural Science: includes a citrus, an exotic fruits orchard, a nut orchard, blackberry and blueberry and several annual and perennial vegetable crops.  For now, this garden illustrates state-of-the-art irrigation, sustainability, integrated pest management and soil science.  Eventually, it will embody a social and historical element.

Ornamental: includes an aquatic garden, rock garden and several others exhibiting plant species being grown by local nurseries.  It emphasizes water and soil conservation and integrated pest management.


Habitat Conservation: includes many native plant species and will eventually demonstrate several environmental habitats including low elevation chaparral, an intermediate elevation oak forest and high elevation coniferous forest.  Included are structures that encourage predator (birds, bats, etc.) establishment.

Bravo Lake Botanical Gardens are managed by Woodlake Pride, Inc., a non-profit corporation depending heavily on donations and volunteers.

Open Daily throughout the year, the gardens are located on the banks of the lake which affords splendid views of the sunset each evening.


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Wild Flowers in the Spring

 These Labels are among the many farm produce labels used from our area.

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