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"You have both put your heart and soul into this place, and it shows."
V. and G.V., Irvine, CA

The gardens at Wicky-Up would be considered a marvel to those who settled here originally. From a dry desert at the turn-of-the-century, Wicky-Up is a luscious green landscape today.

You will now see a sizeable garden of roses; lovers of roses will enjoy the many scented rose varieties. There are also several other gardens, each with its own personality. These gardens feature countless varieties of perennials and annuals. The gardens are among the trees and provide a color contrast to the green canopy above.

This change was an astonishing evolution directed by Monica's mother, Justine Robinson. Mrs. Robinson spent many years researching, designing and experimenting to produce the gardens.


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Wicky-Up Ranch

22702 Avenue 344
Woodlake, California (CA ) 93286
Phone: 559-564-8898~ Fax: 559-564-3981
Innkeepers: Jack and Monica Pizura
innkeeper@wickyup.com ~ http://www.wickyup.com